Building Features

Walls / Ceilings

  • Drywall on metal stud partition taped and sanded. No ceilings as per plan.

Ceiling Heights

  • For Buildings A, B, C – Ground Level and D, ceiling heights are measured to the bottom of the steel structure. Buildings A, B and D are estimated at 16 ft., Building C – Ground Level at 14 ft., and C – Upper Level at 10 ft.

Storefronts / Windows

  • Standard double glazed, exterior Low-E glass storefronts as applicable and as indicated on building plans.


  • Concrete slab trowel finish capable of supporting a live load of 150lbs psf. (Ground Floor Suites Only)


  • Rough-in provision for one (1), 2-piece washroom, ¾” valved and capped cold water supply, 3” plumbing vent through roof and 4” sanitary line below floor. Washroom exhaust opening in roof or wall supplied at Vendor’s designated point of entry in the premises.

Heating & Air Conditioning

  • Rooftop heating and air conditioning unit, at Purchaser’s expense, complete with roof curb. Supply and return ducts will be connected to HVAC unit and terminated below the steel joists and a thermostat with coiled wiring will be provided for mounting by the Purchaser.


  • 1-60 amp 600 volt 3 phase, 3 wire individually metered electrical service will be terminated with non fused disconnect switch at Vendor’s selected location. (Ground Floor Suites Only)

Fire Protection

  • A sprinkler system consisting of piping and upturned sprinkler heads will be provided in Building C.

Voice & Data

  • 2-1” empty conduit will be provided for telephone/cable wiring from electrical room to a point within the premises as designated by the Vendor.

Gas Meter

  • Vendor will supply an individually metered natural gas service complete with meter connection to the HVAC unit and capped tee for use on the roof. Capacity of service at the Vendor’s sole discretion.


  • Pylon Sign provided at entrance off Bramalea Road.


  • Architecturally controlled exterior colours, materials and signage.
  • Architecturally controlled and designed landscaping and irrigation.