Your Acres professional’s experience and knowledge will enable you to clearly and quickly identify a course of action that delivers maximum value to your company or to your individual portfolio. Regardless of your needs, there are Acres Commercial Practitioners who have the skills and experience needed to find exactly what your looking for. Whether its a straight-forward local transaction or a top-notch team to handle multiple-site acquisitions or dispositions across the country, a Acres team member is ready to serve you.

Your Acres Commercial Agent is your single point-of-contact to the most responsive and results-oriented team of professionals in commercial real estate. The Acres professional team exchanges, shares and accesses commercial real estate information like no one else. Recognizing the advantages of using new and advanced technologies, we rely on the nation’s leading provider of electronic commercial real estate information.

Acres Real Estate Inc. requires the highest level of integrity from its managers, agents and staff. We have earned a reputation as a well run, community spirited organization known for the integrity and capability of its agents. Strategically small and tightly focused, Acres is highly regarded for its technical excellence and market knowledge as well as its uncommon commitment to client service.

Market Dominance

Acres is synonymous with superior service and premium projects in the fast-growing commercial real estate market of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Our successful brokerage and slew of happy customers makes us among the leading, most active and most experienced firms in the GTA.

Areas of Specialization

Office Space for Sale/Lease
Hotels/Motels for Buy and Sell
Retirement Home for Buy and Sell
Farms for Buy and Sell
Industrial, Commercial, Investments Lands for Buy and Sell
Industrial, Commercial, Investments Properties for Buy and Sell
Gas Stations and Car Wash for Buy and Sell
Apartment Buildings for Buy and Sell
Office, Retail, Restaurant, Medical Uses Commercial Condominiums for Buy and Sell